Influencing Security Standards in the Cannabis Industry


Approximately 2 years ago, Rolland began working in tandem with Tony Gallo from Sapphire Risk Advisory Group to fight the security issues that come with opening a cannabis industry business.

It is well known that the cannabis industry faces many unfortunate obstacles in securing its assets. Banks are currently not allowing deposits from cannabis-related business due to federal laws still stating the sale and production is illegal. Due to this, dispensaries and grows are perplexed on how to handle the massive cash flow. Cannabis is also a hot commodity on the black market and is a common target for burglary and internal theft.

NTRR CEO Chris Brown stated, “2015 was the most important year yet for the emerging U.S. cannabis industry, with Washington and Colorado raking in millions in tax dollars.” With such a booming industry erupting, it is crucial that business owners are prepared and know how to protect their assets and secure an appropriate business strategy for growth in the years to come.

Rolland and Sapphire Protection saw these challenges and have joined together to overcome them as a turn-key solution. Sapphire consults clients on best practices, policies, and procedures, assists them in obtaining insurance, works with them on designing a secure facility layout and much more.

His 30+ years of experience in loss prevention and security has provided him sufficient insight to understand the ins and outs of streamlining business processes and a deep understanding of what is necessary to secure a business. He also recently won the Southwest CannAward for Most Influential Person in the Cannabis Industry, given by the Cannabis Economy group.

Rolland offers these clients the solution to their physical security issues, as well as service on those products. Rolland innovated a custom made solution for the cannabis industry called a DMS Cart that allows you to bolt the cart down to bring it up to code and also keep each of your strains separated and securely locked away until a purchase has been made.

Rolland and Sapphire have and will continue to work with Cannabis Industry leaders to devise what the dream security package is for all related business and to bring all threats to a halt.

Written By: Heather Haney



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