Hydroponics Store Robbed by Four Men Dressed as D.E.A. Agents


Four men come into your store posed as law enforcement officials and proceed to commit a robbery, what do you do?

Like any other law abiding citizen, you are likely to do whatever they say. This was the case when, recently, a robbery was committed at Bare Roots Hydroponics and Organic Supply store in Redding, California. 
Source: Action News Now

Four male suspects, ranging in ages between 20 and 40, rampaged into the store on a October afternoon at approximately 6:30. They demanded everyone in the store to get to the ground and some were individually handcuffed. The four men were heavily armed and dressed as D.E.A agents so everyone complied.

Despite doing what was asked of them one employee was assaulted and wound up requiring medical attention.

The robbers proceeded to steal items relating to marijuana cultivation and an undisclosed amount of cash.

Four weeks after the robbery the Redding police department, with the assistance of Shasta County Sheriff’s deputies and California Highway Patrol Officers, raided a home in Shingletown after receiving a lead that would direct them to 2 of the suspects.

Two of the four men allegedly guilty of the crime were apprehended in the raid after police found evidence connected to the robbery in the home. Felix Ruben Ayala,36, and Jose Orland Luna, 51, were arrested on suspicion of robbery, assault with a deadly weapon, and kidnapping due to their involvement in detaining the citizens and employees who were in the store.

In the event of a robbery such as this one will your assets be protected well enough for your store to survive?

There are steps you can do to prevent an armed robbery, but regardless of any steps you take you can still be at risk. In the event a robbery it is important that you and all of your employees are trained on what to do if your location does get robbed.


Written By: Heather Haney



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