How to Reduce Armed Robberies by 60% at a Pawn Shop


Tony Gallo, former Loss Prevention Director at a major pawn chain, developed and implemented a robbery prevention program that reduced robberies by 60% and violent robberies by 75%. Here is how.


We developed and implemented a comprehensive robbery prevention program that included Rolland PawnSystems. We found an insert that would fit inside a thirty minute or more, tool resistant rated safe. The insert had 35, 24-inch long drawers for jewelry and cash storage . . . . .We designed a training program for our employees that detailed how to use the new safe’s insert during business hours. The program detailed how many pieces of jewelry should be put in each drawer, how to lock the safe when the store was closed, and how to respond during an armed robbery.

We wanted to let potential robbers know that that it was not worth stealing from our stores, so we moved the jewelry safe behind the sales counter, in full view. That way, when potential robbers conducted surveillance on the location, they would know that we didn’t have a normal safe. At that time, we were the only company in our industry to have a jewelry safe in full view of the public.

After only eight months of using the new safes, we saw a complete return on our investment. It did not take long for robbers to understand what they were up against, and the word got out to other potential robbers that it wasn’t worth robbing our stores.

From 2009 to 2013, we reduced robberies at our locations by 60 percent and violent robberies by 75 percent. During those five years, there was not one serious injury during an armed robbery, and jewelry and cash losses were reduced by over 70 percent. Most importantly, locations with the new program are now safer, which helped reduce our employee turnover due to robbery stress by over 85 percent.

By Tony Gallo, Senior Director on Sapphire Protection.


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