How One Dispensary Manager Caught his Robbers


In many unfortunate situations, businesses are robbed and never get to witness the justice of catching their perpetrator. In a recent article by KOMONEWS, that was not the case. This past weekend a dispensary manager of a shop near Seattle, Have a Heart, was able to experience justice in the most profound way.

Around 10:30pm Sunday evening the shop’s manager, Damon Martinez, was monitoring the live feed of his store’s surveillance camera system from the comfort of his home. Unbeknownst to the criminals, he witnessed the entire robbery. As soon as the men came in, they started to wave a gun in one of the employee’s face indicating that she get to the ground. Once they had the two employees together they tied them up. Martinez contacted the police as soon as the robbery began and was able to give the police dispatcher a play-by-play throughout the entire robbery.

Equipped with the knowledge of these crucial details, the police were able to set a secure perimeter around the exterior of the building while the robbers continued stuffing duffel bags full of cash and marijuana. Upon exiting the building, the robbers were only able to make it mere steps out of the building before they were confronted by the police. The suspects were immediately taken into custody.

Marijuana businesses continue to experience exponential amounts of armed robberies and burglaries. These occurrences can be easily correlated to the fact that banks still refuse to work with dispensaries and grows due to the nature of their products and the fact that marijuana still remains a schedule I drug.

Seattle area Congressman Denny Heck stated, “All cash.  That is a magnet for crime and we ought to do away with it and provide these legally constituted businesses access to banks.

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Written by: Heather Haney

Date: 8/10/16

Photo Credit : Have a Heart


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