How Can the Pawn System Protect your Pawn Shop from Burglaries?


Time is of the essence for a business owner in any industry.  The Entrepreneur journal, which provides information and advice for pawn shop and small business owners, recently did a study to find out what business owners desired more of.  An obvious answer was of course, more money.  However, almost as many business owners responded that they would rather have more time than more money.

For a business owner, and especially in the pawn industry, Benjamin Franklin’s clichéd quote holds true:  “Time is money.”

Pawnbrokers understand and appreciate the value of time.  Whether it is giving an individual a loan on their collateral for a period of time or investing in a timeless artifact, a pawnbroker’s biggest investment is in time.

For a criminal intending to burglarize a pawn shop, time is just as valuable.  A criminal’s success is contingent on the time it takes to compromise the security barriers, collect, and escape.  Utilizing a criminal’s haste to your advantage may be the best way to halt the would-be heist.  This is exactly what the G3 Pawn System accomplished with its new security components.

pawn safe

The G3 Pawn System safe is armored with a new Rapid Use Penalty (RUP) security feature.  The G3’s RUP feature instinctively locks out any would-be intruders when they attempt to rapidly open a number of the safe’s drawers in a set period of time.  The RUP security component transforms the criminal’s time into a pawn owner’s protection.

If “time is money,” than the G3 Pawn System certainly delivers value with the IP Connectivity; and this time is ANYTIME.  This Pawn System’s technology gives the owner the ability to access and control anytime.  A pawn owner can access the system to monitor and/or control from their home computer at anytime.  The situations where this capability is beneficial are numerous.

The G3 Pawn System was developed by Rolland specifically for pawnbrokers.  Our innovations are inspired by understanding the criminal and delivering solutions to keep the power and control in the hands of the business owner.

A business owner, and especially a pawnbroker, must protect their assets and investments.  Time must also be protected like the valuable asset it is.  How valuable are your assets?  How valuable is time?

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