Halloween Safety and Security Tips for your Business


Halloween can pose certain risks that may not cross your mind in the beginning of the Holiday shopping and dining season. By executing these three practices you can help improve the security for your store and the safety of your customers.

Make sure everything is well lit.

Dramatic lighting is fun and can create a great atmosphere in your business, but it can also cause accidents and promote concealment; which may lead to theft. Dim lighting prevents you from being able to make clear observations of customers in your store or restaurant such as the color of their shirt or being able to recognize facial features. Dim lights also prevent your surveillance cameras from recording at their fullest quality potential.

In addition to your interior lighting, it is equally important to check your exterior lights to keep your patrons safe. If you are welcoming trick-or-treaters, consider investing in additional walkway lighting the night of and reflective signs throughout the parking lot to make drivers more aware of the presence of additional traffic.

Take preventative measures to cut your losses in the long run.

An unfortunate truth that surrounds Halloween is a proven increase in vandalism. From PCIAA

“The Highway Loss Data Institute (HLDI) stats are alarming when it comes to the high number of vandalism claims that are filed just on October 31st.  In fact, Halloween had the highest number of claims for any day by 81 percent. The average cost per claim on Halloween was $1,660, which is approximately 9 percent higher than the annual daily average cost per claim.

To prevent having extensive damages, bring in any product you may have displayed on the exterior of your business before dark. Another measure you can take is to take photos of your business a week or two before Halloween. In the event that you have to file a claim for vandalism, you will have photos available to send to your insurance company.

Be aware of unattended children.

Not only do unattended children pose a safety risk for themselves in your business, some kids tend to have sticky fingers as well. At such a young age, many children have not developed a complete understanding that taking things that don’t belong to them is wrong. Prevent any losses or accidents from occurring by monitoring the traffic in your business and being aware of any unattended children. If you do happen to come across a child that has lost their parents or guardians, have a policy and procedure in place to reunite the two.

Implementing these three strategies can help provide a win-win for you and your customers alike. You not only will be increasing the security of your business but the safety of you and your customers as well.

Source (Gallo, T. (2016, 10/12). Personal interview with Tony Gallo of Sapphire Risk Advisory Group)


Written by: Heather Haney

Date: 10/12/16


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