Why a Gun Safe is the Perfect Holiday Gift


When the holiday season rolls around, the hunt for the perfect gift plagues everyone’s minds. What can I offer that is timeless and meaningful and will provide value for years to come?

Protection. Security. Safety.

There is nothing more important to offer a family. The livelihood and safety of their children.


With Christmas comes long Christmas breaks from school. The kids are home far more often than usual and are therefore more likely to get into things they shouldn’t be getting into. What do you have in your home that you wouldn’t want your children getting ahold of? As a gun advocate, it is constantly on your mind to educate your young children on the importance of gun safety.

No matter how educated your children are, it is still vital to go above and beyond to prevent your guns from getting into the hands of your kids. Children are naturally inquisitive and curious and will snoop around and explore new things that seem exciting to them.

The best way to prevent a tragic accident from occurring is by safely stowing your guns away in a secure gun safe.

Rolland’s own M-40 gun safe is the perfect option. The M-40 Gun Safe was designed to stand superior to competing gun safes, combining organization and convenience with highly effective security tactics. These tactics include: drill resistant hard plate, reinforced steel return door jamb, and spring-loaded auto-throw bolt detent. The interior has a capacity of 36 cubic feet and can hold over 30 long guns, as well as ample ammo, hand guns and other valueables.

These features will stop any child from gaining access to your guns. In addition, home burglaries rise during the holidays. It is important to keep your guns and valuables protected. Show your loved ones how much you care by offering them a gift that can protect their family and their prized possessions.


To learn more about the M40 gun safe, click here.

Make sure to place your order by Friday, December 16th to receive it by Christmas!


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