Giving Back


The normal humdrum of scheduling and negotiations consume the majority of our days, but what tends to be overlooked is what we all need to stop and remember.

Here at Rolland, we are grateful for the many opportunities to grow and impact the community around us. Our day to volunteer at the Ronald McDonald’s House started off like a day like none other with phones alive and emails flowing in with technicians eager to for a chance to show their skills.

The Ronald McDonald house is a place of residence for family members that live 50 miles away from a hospital where their children stay from 1 day to 1 year.  Each day a group comes in to either prepare lunch or dinner.

A group of Rollanders made an impact through serving lunch for families and patients who are fighting a different fight and showing amazing courage and bravery in the face of challenge.

What seems to be a normal day for these individuals is a step out of the norm for most. It is humbling to see the interaction of the patient’s families and staff and how the atmosphere can truly bring the desire to fight – alive.

We whipped up Susana’s homemade chicken enchiladas and taco soup and were able to leave left overs so that the families who are up late at night have the option to have some left overs, just like at home.

The Ronald McDonald House is equipped with all the state of the art medical facilities while offering some of the comforts of home and allowing children to focus on becoming healthy while being surrounded by those who love them.



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