Floundering Burglar Flubs 2 Hour Burglary


The search is on for a floundering burglar who spent nearly two hours trying steal an ATM from inside of a convenient store. He failed miserably.

About 2:30 Monday morning the burglar can been seen on surveillance video approaching the door of the Florida convenient store, a few miles south of the state line.  He tried to break the front door with screwdriver or similar object. He then tried with a brick, and proceeded to try to pry the door open. All of those attempts fail.

He returns nearly an hour later with a sledgehammer and finally manages to break through the front door glass. He reaches inside to unlock the door, but that doesn’t work because a key is needed. He disappears from the camera view, returning several minutes later with the sledgehammer. This time, after an entertaining amount of struggle, he manages to pull the sheet of glass out of the door.

The glass crashes into the burglar. He then carefully pulls the sheet of glass around to the side of the store and waits another 10-15 minutes to return to the door.  He surveys the glass-less door, and then pulls on the handle. But wait….he forgot removing the glass didn’t actually unlock the door. So he ducks under the door handle and enters the business.

He slides a Florida Lottery display out of the way (including perhaps a $1.3 billion playslip if only he had a couple of bucks during store hours), appears to get spooked and ducks out of the door before ducking right back inside.

Then he grabs an ATM machine, pulls on it only to discover that it’s bolted to the floor. He then fled back outside. In the end, our Floundering burglar flubs his break-in but is now a wanted man for burglary, criminal mischief and perhaps other charges.


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