Five Steps to Prevent Internal Theft in Hotel Staffing


In a perfect world, internal theft would be obsolete. The reality is, in this day and age, employers are having to come to terms that this is something to consider when building their company and hiring on new team members. With the following tips, you can increase your chances of securing your assets and building a better team.

  1. Empower your employees. Allowing your team members to feel as if they are in more of a leadership role will enable them to naturally feel empowered. When your employee feels a sense of ownership they will feel more capable of resolving any issues that may arise quickly and efficiently.
  2. Be thorough when hiring new personnel. The more information you obtain before hiring an individual, the more opportunity information you will have to make a decision in regards to choosing the best candidate. Drug test and background checks should be mandatory for this type of position. It is also important to call references beforehand to see not only who you are hiring, but who they may associate themselves with. References can be just as telling to a candidate’s character as the interview itself.
  3. Provide adequate training to new employees. When your employees feel a sense of community, they are more likely to thrive to succeed and will think of their workplace as a second home. Offer work related training, including safety meetings, in a group setting so team members are able to bond while also becoming informed on guest safety.
  4. Regulate which areas each employee has access to. Use electronic access that enables the ability to audit access for each area so you can monitor the trail of which employees have been where and at what time. By logging this important information, you are more likely to find the culprit if issues do arise. Card readers, auditable door locks (such as our Medeco Logic), and digital locks present a significant advantage over standard door hardware.
  5. Regularly monitor video surveillance. Most companies currently have video surveillance installed at their prime locations such as door entrances and near cash drawers. With the addition of new technologies such as the auditable door locks, transactions are able to be logged more easily by matching up time frames with the coordinating video.

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Written By: Heather Haney



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