Fire on Pawnshop Clute,TX


Clute Fire

A family owned pawn shop in Clute, Texas was victim to any business owner’s greatest fear last year.  Late night, mid-October, the pawn owners received a call that their business had erupted into flames.  The magnitude of this fire, shown in the video , made total loss seem imminent.

Rolland’s response team immediately dispatched to the site.  Due to the high profile investigation and value of the vulnerable inventory, the federal government quarantined the location for two weeks.  Gaining access to the site, the pawn owners and Rolland began assessing damages.  Rolland removed the safes from the charred rubble to recover any inventory.

Assessing the exterior of the first safe revealed heavy fire damage, with the handle and combination melted into an unrecognizable mass.  The intensity of the fire’s heat had caused the concrete shelled safes to literally swell.  Rolland’s response team physically drilled into the safes to recover any surviving inventory.

The first drawer of the 35-drawer pawn safe was opened to assess the damages.  None of the contents of the drawer were damaged.  Drawer by drawer, the contents of the pawn safe were recovered without damage.  Even the cardboard within the safe was protected from the flames.  The Rolland safes performed perfectly and all was not lost.  The inventory protected in the Rolland safes was recovered at 100 percent.

The Clute pawn shop was soon reopened and the owners ordered two TL30s and a PS35 from Rolland to protect the inventory of their new location.  Rolland’s commitment to quality service is inspired by the stories of family businesses like Clute Pawn.

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