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More clients mean more growth and different inspired service designs.  Rolland has redesigned our service and account manager teams into smaller specialized groups so that you get quicker and faster service.  We experimented with the work team concept with one of our larger clients, and after tremendous results, we decided to roll this out throughout our entire company.

We call them PODS:   Groups of Rolland employees specifically dedicated to certain clients.

Each client team unit – or POD – will be measured and rewarded based on customer response times and volumes of cases successfully solved.  For you, our client, this means a dedicated team with faster response and more focused attention on you and your business.

PODS ensure no client slips through the cracks. Since each POD of Rolland employees takes responsibility for a small group of designated clients, these clients all get the care and attention they deserve, from a smaller group of people who are dedicated to their needs. Each POD is held accountable for the quality and speed of our service, and allows us to measure their effectiveness in servicing our clients.

In addition to speed of service, these PODS will allow us to develop better relationships with our clients, as these small groups will be a point of contact where clients can find someone who will be familiar with their specific situation.

This shift has been in the planning and trial phase for several months now, with a POD we set up for our largest client. The success of the POD, as measured by our key performance indicators, led us to the conclusion that these pods would be beneficial to the operation the entire company, as a means of increasing the quality of our performance, lowering hold times, and enhancing Rolland’s relationship with our clients.

Rolland is so excited to begin this new phase of “Inspired Service” with you!


24 hours a day, every day of the year, you can reach Rolland Service to talk to a real person who can solve real problems.

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