FedEx Presents Rolland with The Beacon Recognition Award


We here at Rolland like to make it well known that our business is founded on the principle of Security with Inspired Service. This idea drives what we do for our clients every day, and is the value by which our employees base their actions for each job and every phone call.

For this reason, we can’t help but be positively giddy about sharing news like this, where our company is recognized for the truly focused customer service that we strive to provide to our clients.

Below is a memorandum from the Director of Security and Loss Prevention at FedEx. Knowing that we are making such a difference is so motivational to us. Check it out!


The Beacon Recognition Award

A Beacon is often considered a source of inspiration for others. Likewise, those who deliver the Purple Promise inspire others by going above and beyond the call of duty to make every FedEx experience outstanding.

Today, we want to recognize you with “The Beacon Award” for displaying the People, Service, Profit philosophy (P-S-P), and putting the Purple Promise into action. Your strong leadership and commitment to our business partners is Outstanding! Your professionalism, say-yes customer service attitude and industrious work ethic has helped raise the bar. Specifically, your commitment to the Security & Loss Prevention team and quality of service during Field and Headquarter initiatives has allowed us to build strong relationships with our internal partners and instill confidence with your level of service. Simply said, Rolland has talked the talk and walked the walk with a gold standard. On behalf of FedEx Office Security & Loss Prevention Department, Facilities and Legal Services, we appreciate the support and attention you have provided us in a time of need. Your hard work and dedication in the midst of competing demands are to be commended.

Again, thank you Rolland Safe & Lock Team. Your leadership, guidance, and service you provide to Corporate Headquarters and the Field is greatly appreciated.



Jonathan Raecek

Director, Security & Loss Prevention


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