Employee Testimony – PODS Revolutionize Customer Service


Our new “PODS” – groups of customer service employees specially dedicated to specific clients – are in full swing! We are so excited for the improvements that this new customer service system will bring.

Check out this testimony from one of our own service employees to see how our customer service system has improved already with this new set up!

 On my first day at Rolland, the constant flow of business was incredible. Watching the CSRs (Customer Service Representatives) click and tab as fast as they could to keep up with all of the information rolling in was incredible. Three months into my career with Rolland, the dispatch atmosphere pivoted. What was once a conglomerate of calls and customers coming though my phone and email has changed to a more specific focus and concentrated effort, driving us to challenge one another to reach the next level of greatness.

 I was part of the first “pod”, and on day one of this initiative the tone and atmosphere of our entire service department changed. A new desk, a new view, and a new coworker to get to know were only the beginning of the benefits to creating pods. Being customer centric is always our goal to strive for, but being able to actually focus on a specific customer enables us to have the velocity to meet the demands of the rapidly growing industry. What was once day full of switching roles and customer systems is now full of knowing each customer’s needs inside and out and how best to achieve them.


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