Did you catch Rolland in the Dallas Morning News on Friday?


Rolland Safe & Lock was mentioned in the Dallas Morning News last Friday as part of the “North Texas Century Club” list. This list was presented in an article that highlighted the few Century-Old companies headquartered right here in Dallas.

Listed among Rolland included companies such as AT&T, Exxon Mobile, Baylor Medical Center, Neiman Marcus, and the Dr Pepper Snapple Group. We here at Rolland are proud to be mentioned among the several other renowned companies here in D-FW that have been providing services to the public for more than 100 years.

Companies over 100 years old are extremely rare. In fact, the article states that when IBM turned 100 a while ago, USA Today reported that fewer than 500 of more than 5,000 U.S. publicly traded companies were that age. So how did companies like Rolland survive be turn 100? The article reported a few traits that were characteristic of companies like us:

Involve the family – Rolland puts an extreme importance on the family bonds within our company. The Rolland Shrimp Boil, for example, is a tradition we have carried on over the years that allows all of the families here at Rolland to come together for a Saturday of bonding and building relationships. Even further, the family ties here at Rolland go all the way back to the beginning, with Rick Rolland as the 3rd Generation President of the company.

Be willing to make a big change – This one is important to us. Rolland is constantly looking for ways to make changes and breakthroughs in the security industry, inventing products like the Drawer Management System, a widely successful security solution that people had never seen before. The support we put behind the changes we make have been a huge part of what has allowed us to succeed as a company for over a century.

Pursue aggressive mergers and acquisitions – Rolland has always been eager to spread far and wide, which is why we now have offices, vendors, contractors and other business relationships all across the United States, as well as internationally.

Provide the necessities of life – Many of the companies on the list provide electricity, natural gas, communication, etc. We here at Rolland provide a different necessity – your security. Rolland has been providing this security with inspired service for over 100 years, and people have come to trust us for it, allowing us to continue to provide this life necessity to our clients

Move to D-FW – While this is not characteristic of all companies on the “North Texas Century Club” list, the Dallas Morning News mentioned it as an interesting trait that more than a dozen of the companies on the list moved their headquarters to Dallas from somewhere else. Rolland Safe & Lock is included on this short list. Our company started in New Orleans, Louisiana in 1905, and moved to Dallas in 1983.

We are so proud to be one of the few companies you’ve trusted to serve you for over 100 years. Thank you!


Want to read the Article from the Dallas Morning News? Click Here!


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