Dave McOmie Class 2015


The Dave McOmie Class was a hit!

Rolland has a strong network of safe enthusiasts and we love to put these classes together because it expands our network and increases the skill within it.  It is important to have the best technicians to service your safe because time and precision is the key.  Literally.

Friday through Sunday, technicians from 17 states and Canada joined Rolland for our Annual Safe Cracking Dave McOmie Class! This class is a hit every year, and we here at Rolland love getting to meet some of our dedicated technicians face-to-face right here at our headquarters.

Don’t forget to check in next year to make sure you get a spot in our awesome class, featuring Dave McOmie himself!

Click here for more class details, and be sure to check out our awesome pictures from the class!



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