Crash and Grab


Last month, a pawnshop became the victim of a serious twist on a classic smash-and-grab tale.

A stolen Dodge Caravan drove into the front of the pawn shop in Chicago at about 3:55 am.   Leaving the car covered in wreckage, several burglars scurried to find electronics and other valuable items before running away on foot and leaving the van behind.

The van’s engine was still running, and its wipers and break lights were still on, as the police and store employees sorted through the damage at around 6:30 am.

The truth is, criminals will continue to develop new – and extreme – ways of breaking and entering. The good news is, you can definitely make it harder on them.

With a high security safe like the Rolland Pawn System, even if someone does manage to enter your store, a simple smash and grab is not possible for anything inside of your safe. The main goal of a smash-and-grab is to be in and out as fast as possible, as staying inside the store for too long exponentially increases the criminal’s chances of being caught. This works in your favor when a criminal enters your store only to find a heavy-duty safe standing in front of them.

You can also reduce smash-and-grab success with Rolgard, an invisible protective film that covers glass showcases inside of your store. Even if a criminal does manage to enter your store, if they are face to face with your Rolgard-covered showcase, they will not be able to simply smash the glass and take what is inside. The Rolgard is composed of flexible layers of high strength polyester, which keeps glass fragments in place, mitigating the efforts of crowbars, hammers, and other potentially harmful objects.


With a quick smash and grab, your store could be devastated in a matter of seconds if your belongings are not properly protected.

Please contact Lauren for more information at 361.500.3799 or for more information about how you can protect your store from smash-and-grab criminals.


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