Convenience Store Security – Preventing Internal Theft


Do you asses those most likely to rob your stores?   This is most likely your own employees.   In fact, 70% or more of all c-store losses occur internally from an employee, not externally from an outside criminal. So while the resources used to combat robberies are still important, you should also be looking in house with controls in place, such as with advanced video surveillance equipment and increased inventory audits.

Internal theft can occur in unexpected places, too, such as the garbage. Use clear trash bags- you don’t want your staff to conceal merchandise in a black trash bag, it’s too easy for them to recover what they disposed of later that night when no one is around.

Another way to discourage internal theft is with the use of CCTV cameras. Just make sure these cameras are pointed at the register, where you will be able to see an employee if they try to take cash from the tray.  And that these cameras are protected from theft or damage.

One of the most effective protections against internal theft is using a cash management safe, or a lock with cash management and auditing capabilities at your location. Many safes and locks offer you the ability to set time restrictions, and limited access, as well as provide detailed accounts of which employees used the safe at what time. Having auditing capabilities for the safe in your store keeps employees from being tempted to be dishonest with cash at your location, and results in lower internal theft for you.

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