Congratulations to our tech of the month: Jim, with Emergency Lock and Safe in Chicago, IL.


Rolland has many great partners from all over the nation, and there are certain names that are very well known throughout the company. One of them is Jim, with Emergency Lock and Safe in the Chicago area.

This past week, Rolland received an unexpected visit from Jim and his wife, and it didn’t take much more than to just hear him introduce himself for everyone to quickly reply, “YOU ARE JIM?! THE JIM?” It was no surprise to get this reaction. Jim has been a partner of Rolland for many years, and we consider him an important part of the Rolland family.

Jim is not just an amazing person, but he is also a magnificent technician who always gives us the best quality work and is always a pleasure to talk with. Jim has helped us accomplish many projects, taken care of plenty of emergencies, and has a very strong relationship with our tech support team.  We want to thank Jim and congratulate him in winning the Tech of the Month award.

Oh and of course, for those wonderful and delicious cupcakes he and his wife brought us.

Congratulations Jim!


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