Challenges of Temporary Staffing and How to Resolve Them


Throughout the Holidays, every store or restaurant experiences an influx of traffic. Due to this, temporary staffing for most businesses is a must. With these fresh faces come new challenges and obstacles every manager or director must overcome.

What are the challenges of temporary staffing?

When you hire temporary employees, you and the employee are both aware that their time there is limited. This causes two problems.

  1. The business wants to avoid spending extra time training the temporary employee and commonly will skip over the onboarding process that they would put a non-seasonal employee through.
  2. The employee does not develop loyalty to the company because they know that in 90 or so days they will be headed in another direction.

This lack of training and enthusiasm can cause major riffs in the performance of these employees. Their lack of onboarding means they are not made fully aware of the security policies and procedures that a company commonly implements. They also do not feel that sense of loyalty to report any problems relating to theft, damaged property, or any other problems they observe because they do not have that pride or feeling of ownership of their position.

These challenges can be resolved by taking a few necessary steps.

A good start to improving this relationship is by providing new employees with a packet that provides all of the necessary documents that they can take home with them to read over. Be sure to include all of the policies and procedures for security and safety in the workplace. Assign each employee a non-seasonal “partner” that they can go to any time they have a question, whether it have to do with security or not. This will help that employee develop a bond with the company and help establish a small sense of loyalty to the business through this newly developed relationship.

After an employee has been there a set amount of time it is important for someone from senior management to follow-up with the employee to see how things are going. Casually quizzing them over the information provided in the paperwork will help management understand how they are conducting business. It will also allow management to answer any questions they may have and provide clarity over anything they misunderstood from their time at the business thus far and their reading materials.

These are only a few of the challenges business face with temporary staffing. Interested in more? Let us know by commenting or sending us a message through social media or at

Source (Gallo, T. (2016, 10/19). Personal interview with Tony Gallo of Sapphire Risk Advisory Group)


Written by: Heather Haney

Date: 10/19/16


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