Why a Gun Safe is the Perfect Holiday Gift

When the holiday season rolls around, the hunt for the perfect gift plagues everyone’s minds. What can I offer that is timeless and meaningful and will provide value for years to come? Protection. Security. Safety. There is nothing more important to offer a family. The livelihood and safety of their children. With Christmas comes long […]

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Safe FAQ’s

Q: My safe is not opening. What do I do? A1: There could be pressure on the bolts. Turn the handle the opposite direction of the hinges as if you were locking the safe. Try the code again and turn the handle. A2: If you have an electronic lock and are not hearing any beeps […]

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UL Safe Testing

  U.L.® Rating Guide and Resource Library U.L. Testing U.L. Test Descriptions Fire and Impact Tests UL RSC (Residential Security) Burglary Rating UL 768 Lock Classification UL 155 Vault Door Standards UL 140 Relocking Device Explosion Tests Computer Media and U.L. Foreign Test Labels TL-15 Burglary Testing TL-30 Burglary Testing TRTL-30 Burglary Testing TRTL-60 Burglary […]

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