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The True Cost of Re-keying

The retail and restaurant industry have an unfortunate high turnover rate at approximately 20% per year. For a retailer or restaurant with 1,000 locations that would amount to 200 re-keys a year. A standard re-key can cost up to $450 per location when you add together re-keying the cylinder, key duplication, labor, and a trip charge. […]

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Medeco XT

Security needs grow as the mind of the criminal continues to evolve. In the past, the only option for auditing was using access control that had intricate wiring systems and cost a fortune. One has to think that with all of the advancements in technology that a new solution has been developed. If that thought crossed […]

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Rolland DVR Safe

Business owners are finding an increased need for a DVR Safe. DVR Systems are becoming a highly targeted item by burglars! Many cases of theft are solved because of crucial images a DVR surveillance system provided during investigation. Criminals target DVRs because of the incriminating evidence they record. Just recently, an armed robber attempted to rob […]

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Rolland is Looking for Locked Up Safes!

We’re looking for Lock Ups for Safe Opening training.  Have a safe that won’t open? Is it taking up space in your warehouse? Please contact Saile Estrada at sestrada@rslc.net or Jan Choplin at 214.845.6800 for any questions or interest.

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Lock Hardware, Access Control & Exit Devices

Lock hardware and the supporting ongoing lock service technicians are a critical component of any security program. Rolland safe company can maintain and maximize the consistency of your security standards by analyzing your overall security needs and recommending the best lock program available that meets your needs. We offer a wide array of tailored commercial […]

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Security Equipment Review – Emergency Exits

Of course my Dispensary, Recreational or Grow facility has good emergency fire door locks. That was simple … right? Not so fast. If you think going to the local hardware store and adding a deadbolt to your emergency fire doors is the answer to your locking needs, you best keep reading. Locks are more complicated […]

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New Product Alert – The DMS Cart

Rolland introduces the DMS Cart – a product that has already sparked the interest of several dispensaries across the states. The DMS Cart is your durable and secure solution to provide safe and convenient storage for the product in your dispensary. Improve safety and security while reducing shrinkage with these 7 locking doors. The DMS […]

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New Product! The EV5933 DD

New Product Alert! Rolland Introduces the EV5933 DD. This Double Door system has been featured at several tradeshows and was a huge hit at shows like the Creative Cannabis Convention due to its massive storage capacity with heavy-duty protection. The new safe is fire resistant with a three-way bolt system, and is built with 3mm […]

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A TSR’s Favorite Rolland Product

Looking for low-maintenance? Rolland Technical Service Representatives reveal their favorite “ol’ reliable” product. After taking a recent poll from several Rolland Technical Service Representatives, a favorite product among the company would have to be the ESL20 electronic lock. One of the top-of-the-line keypads for safes, this keypad and lock make many others look inferior due to […]

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Rolland Introduces the New Drawer Management System

Have you heard about our brand new product? Top of the line physical security for high value assets starts here: For years, Rolland has been known for our flagship product, the PawnSystem. The PawnSystem has proven to be a top-choice for Pawn Brokers across the nation as it offers ultimate protection from overnight burglaries, armed […]

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What Can a Smart Safe do for Your Business? – Loss Prevention

What can a smart safe do for your business? Introducing a Smart Safe Cash Management Solution offers various benefits to Loss Prevention in your company. Cash exposed in tills should be reduced, thereby reducing robbery losses at the till Cash losses are reduced by improved accountability of every cashier on every shift. Internal and external […]

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What Can a Smart Safe do For Your Business? – Treasury

What can a Smart Safe do for your business? Implementing a Smart Safe Cash Management System offers numerous benefits when it comes to your business’ treasury. Banking costs may be reduced due to less frequent deposits, reducing or eliminating sweep fees Store reconciliation costs should be significantly reduced. The reconciliation staff should see fewer discrepancies […]

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