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Multiple Pawn Robberies End with Fatalities this Week

This past Saturday, sometime between the hours of 8-9, Jackson police received a call that there had been a shooting at the local pawn store. Bill’s Pawn Jewelry Coin/Stamp Exchange faced a night unlike any other. Upon arrival, the police found the owner, Cleveland “Bill” Mosley, along with two employees Robert Ivy and Ted McLemore. […]

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4 Masked Criminals go on Burglary Spree a Week Before Halloween

Any other time of year, four men going into a store to buy masks would be suspicious. With Halloween coming up in a few days, there was no rise in suspicions when four men went and purchased masks which would later be used to mask their identity in allegedly committing two crimes. Sunday morning, 10/23/2016, […]

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Dollar Store Burglarized Twice in a Week

If you are familiar with our blog, you know we commonly write about burglaries of high-ticket items. These include things like jewelry, guns, and pharmaceuticals; but these are not the only items criminals go after. More often than not, criminals will target grocery stores and convenience stores. They steal everyday items such as cigarettes, clothes, […]

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How One Dispensary Manager Caught his Robbers

In many unfortunate situations, businesses are robbed and never get to witness the justice of catching their perpetrator. In a recent article by KOMONEWS, that was not the case. This past weekend a dispensary manager of a shop near Seattle, Have a Heart, was able to experience justice in the most profound way. Around 10:30pm Sunday evening the shop’s manager, Damon Martinez, […]

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Masked Men Burglarize Waxahachie Gun Store

Sunday morning, between 2:00 and 3:00 am, a stolen red Ford F-150 drove through the side of a gun store in Waxahachie. Once the wall had been penetrated, the suspects backed the vehicle back out of the building and began piling into the building one-by-one. Once inside, the 7 men stole a total of 17 […]

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Cashier Violently Fights Off Robber

This surveillance footage shows a man walking up to a convenience store cashier to buy a drink. He then pulls a gun on the cashier and goes straight for the cash drawer. But this Convenience Store Clerk is not having it today. She beats the man over the head with the cash drawer, reaches for […]

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Hydroponics Store Robbed by Four Men Dressed as D.E.A. Agents

Four men come into your store posed as law enforcement officials and proceed to commit a robbery, what do you do? Like any other law abiding citizen, you are likely to do whatever they say. This was the case when, recently, a robbery was committed at Bare Roots Hydroponics and Organic Supply store in Redding, […]

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Floundering Burglar Flubs 2 Hour Burglary

The search is on for a floundering burglar who spent nearly two hours trying steal an ATM from inside of a convenient store. He failed miserably. About 2:30 Monday morning the burglar can been seen on surveillance video approaching the door of the Florida convenient store, a few miles south of the state line.  He […]

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Pharmacy Worker Arrested for Drug Diversion

A pharmacy worker was arrested for drug diversion last month for stealing prescription drugs from the pharmacy by throwing them in the trash. This Florida pharmacist was allegedly seen on surveillance video taking full bottles of Alprazolam, and throwing them away into the pharmacy trash can. The pharmacist would then take out the trash at the […]

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Cannabis Dispensary Burglary

Check out the security footage from this Cannabis Dispensary burglary, as two males scour the premises for cash and product. What went wrong? These dispensary owners follow proper security procedures every night. There was nothing left out for the burglars to steal. See the story on NBC News. We can say it ‘till we’re blue […]

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Truck Crashes into Marijuana Dispensary

Thieves in a truck crashed through the back wall of a marijuana dispensary last week, part of a crash-and-grab plot to gain access to the dispensary’s inventory. Deputies said the burglary happened just after 3 a.m. Monday at a dispensary in Pueblo West. Deputies said a truck accessed the building through an opening in a fence, […]

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Pawn Store Employee Survives Robbery Shooting

Baton Rouge Police Department is investigating a robbery gone wrong at a City Pawn Shop off of Airline Highway. Shortly after 2 p.m. two suspects shoplifted various items from the store. The employee then proceeded to chase the suspects which lead to the shooting. The victim was rushed to the emergency room and was treated […]

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