Cashier Violently Fights Off Robber


This surveillance footage shows a man walking up to a convenience store cashier to buy a drink. He then pulls a gun on the cashier and goes straight for the cash drawer.

But this Convenience Store Clerk is not having it today. She beats the man over the head with the cash drawer, reaches for a hammer, and chases him away.


This was an interesting, uncommon, and extremely lucky turn of events. Even though it’s hard not to get a little chuckle out of this video, we wanted to take the time to remind you to never react like this in the event of an armed robbery. This was a dangerous situation that was not handled properly, and could have ended tragically.

Understanding the basics of surviving an armed robbery will significantly improve the security of your location and minimize the risk of injury in the case of an armed robbery. Rosemary Erickson, president of Athena Research Corporation, offers a few DO’s and DON’T’s that can help in the event of an armed robbery, and should be followed to help maintain your safety.


  • Cooperate
  • Give up the money
  • Obey the robber’s commands
  • Keep your hands in sight


  • Resist
  • Talk
  • Plead
  • Stare
  • Make any sudden movements
  • Be a hero
  • Chase or follow


The woman in this video could have been seriously injured, if not killed, because of the way she reacted in this situation. We are glad she’s okay, and we agree that it’s pretty great to watch, but no amount of money is worth putting your life at risk in the even of an Armed Robbery.


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Stay safe out there!

cashier fights robber


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