Cannabis Security Panel at NECANN


Did you catch Keith McCuen and Tony Gallo on the Cannabis Security Panel at the New England Cannabis Convention?

If not, here’s a quick guide to a few key concepts that were covered during the panel!

1) What are some of the most important things for dispensaries in combating prevention loss?

  • The most important thing for dispensaries to do to combat losses is to develop a culture of honesty at your location. This means having a Zero Tolerance policy for any kind of theft. It also helps to follow proven Prevention policies and procedures.

2) Is internal theft a problem in this industry?

  • Internal theft is a problem for any and every retail environment. Well over 50% of all losses in the cannabis industry are from internal theft.

3) Should Cannabis be put away at night?

  • All cannabis and cannabis products should be secured in a TL rated Safe or Vault each night.

4) When transporting cannabis do you believe discrete transportation is best? How about when transporting money?

  • Discretion is optimal. Your policies for transporting cash and cannabis should mandate that all cash and product be secured in a safe installed in the vehicle.


Do you have these questions? Do you have any more questions that you think could be answered by leading industry experts in security?

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Who is Keith McCuen?

Keith McCuen is the President for Rolland Safe & Lock. He is a published author on security and has more than 20 years of experience in the industry. He assumed leadership of the New Orleans division in 2002. During the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Keith’s leadership skills led him to rebuild the New Orleans office, literally from the ground up and beyond its pre-Katrina sales levels in a few short years. He now leads the company from the Dallas Headquarters.

Who is Tony Gallo?

Recently named the Southwest CannAward 2015 Most Influencial Person in the Cannabis Industry, Tony is the Senior Director for Sapphire Risk Advisory Group.  With over 30 years in the Loss Prevention, Audit, and Safety fields, Tony is also a published author on Cannabis security and is considered on of the leading authorities on cannabis security.


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