Cannabis Dispensary Burglary


Check out the security footage from this Cannabis Dispensary burglary, as two males scour the premises for cash and product. What went wrong? These dispensary owners follow proper security procedures every night. There was nothing left out for the burglars to steal.

See the story on NBC News.

We can say it ‘till we’re blue in the face, following proper security procedures in your dispensary can save your business. In this case the burglars only got away with $2,000 worth of unregulated hemp product. No one wants a burglary, but compared to what could have happened had the product and cash not been properly stored, this is a very small expense for a dispensary burglary.


Here are a few tips that could have lessened the damages to the store, or perhaps even stopped the Cannabis Dispensary Burglary altogether:

Leave the cash drawer open at night. As you can see in the video, the burglars didn’t find any cash in the cash register drawer, but they still caused damage to the cash register that will have to be repaired. Leaving the empty cash drawer open means no theft and no damage.

Reinforce your walls. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a cannabis dispensary burglary where the criminals entered by busting through sheetrock walls. See this dispensary burglary. By reinforcing sheetrock with ¾” plywood, you reduce your exposure, and could potentially even prevent burglars from entering.

Store product in a Vault. Cannabis should be stored in a UL Rated Class 1 or higher modular vault. Be sure a UL rated Class 1 or higher vault door is used for the entrance in order to maintain the UL class rating for burglary and fire.


Cannabis Security tips from Tony Gallo, named “Most Influential Person in the Cannabis Industry” in the 2015 Southwest CannAwards. Follow him on twitter @SappireProtect.


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