Business Intelligence in the Video Age


An average retail store has between 16 – 24 close circuit cameras (CCTV) watching their sales floor, cash registers as well as their backroom areas. This system will record over 1,000 hours of viewable video each week. Unfortunately, most of this “video data” will go unwatched and eventually erased by new video.

Business Intelligence systems have re-engineered that process of linking video with vital store activity and having it available real-time and neatly indexed. This process involves integrating the surveillance camera infrastructure with a DVR and the stores POS System, Scales, Vaults, door sensors, etc. The result is a ‘game changing” because every transaction, all weighing activity, even each person who walks through the door can be recalled instantly and viewed.

The efficiency of the system goes one step further when owners preset the information they wish to be notified of, “voided sale, no sale, I.D. waived, sale over $300.00, high traffic alert, safe left open more than 2 minutes”. The alerts are customizable, which insures the relevance to each type of business owner. The system is easy and intuitive, as even the “unmarked” video is easy to find with its smart search software.

Each of these alerts appear real-time on a dashboard and are sent via e-mail as they happen, On the dashboard, the alerts are linked to short video clip and ask the user to address the alert. This “closed loop” system insures that these special situations are being acknowledged by the person responsible.

When in place the system acts as a “Virtual Manager”, making sure the right people are doing the right thing at the right time. In just a few minutes a day a business owner or store manager can be assured of the progress that procedures are being followed and people who deserve recognition are receiving it in a timely fashion. There is a big difference in saying “that was a great job you did 3 months ago” vs “that was a great job you did earlier today, keep it up”. Naturally, discovering something was done incorrectly 3 months ago (like weighing at the scale) is even more detrimental than discovering it right away.

The Cannabis Industry is under one of the largest microscopes ever constructed by the Federal Government. The Cannabis industry is a cash business and will exist only as long as it continues on its best behavior. There is nothing more relevant than a virtual manager to keep a cannabis operation clear of suspicion, while keeping its customers and employees safe and its assets fully accounted.

Tony Gallo is the Senior Director of Sapphire Protection ( with over 30 years in the Loss Prevention, Audit, Safety, and Risk/Emergency Management fields. Tony has a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice from New Jersey City University and is a member of Americans for Safe Access and National Cannabis Industry Association. Tony is considered one of the leading authorities in cannabis and financial loan service retail loss prevention and security. Contact Tony at and follow him on Twitter at @SapphireProtect.


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