A Big Thank You to Travis, from Starkeys Safe


A national retail location is finally closing after a busy Saturday of the holiday season, when they realize that their high security safe is not opening. To make matters worse, the store will be closed the following day, leaving cash and valuables unattended and unprotected for an extra 24 hours if the safe does not open. The clock begins to tick the moment the manager on duty realizes that the safe is in need of service.

That’s where Rolland and our technicians come in. Our staff is trained to find service for any location in the United States –and fast.  During the holiday season, half of the battle of a safe in need of service is finding a technician willing to help.

And so, the trying task began. Rolland called fanatically to find a tech who had the tools, skill, and ability to get to the store site before closing. After hours of searching for a technician, Travis with Starkeys Safe and Vault out of Longview, TX rose to the challenge. Travis endured a 3-hour drive to Shreveport, LA, and arrived on site to get the safe opened without any drilling, allowing the store to safely secure their valuables in the safe that night.  Without Travis’ dedication this challenge might not have been conquered. The customer is grateful that the safe no longer has any issues, and they were able to secure their store properly during the busy holiday season.

A big thank you to the ready and willing Travis from Starkeys Safe and vault, for being such an asset even during the busiest time of year.


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