Be Prepared – Train to Survive an Armed Robbery


Train your staff how to handle an armed robbery before one happens. With proper training, employees will avoid harm during an incident, and will be more prepared to provide information to assist in officers arresting the perpetrator.

Begin discussing these tips with your employees today:

Establish who will take certain responsibilities if a robbery occurs. Set roles for who will lock the doors, who will call the police, who will care for the injured, who will look to identify the getaway car, and who will protect the evidence. Do not assume these tasks will be taken care of automatically.

Do not chase or attempt to follow the robber. This puts you at risk of being shot by the robber, as well as the police, who may think you are a robber as well.

Lock the doors so that robbers cannot reenter once they have left. Cease business operations, and post a sign on the door letting guests know that the restaurant is “Temporarily Closed Due to an Emergency”. Do not let anyone enter who is not emergency personnel.

Call 911 immediately. The speed of the report is critical to finding the criminal. Inform them if anyone is injured so that they can dispatch necessary medical personnel. Give the police the time of the robber’s departure, their description, and direction and method of travel.

Care for any injured employees and guests

If it is safe to do so, try to note the robber’s method of escape, and which direction. Try to note the make, model, color, license number, and state of registration if there is a getaway car.

Preserve potential evidence. Keep people out of the area, and do not touch anything the robber might have touched.

Write down the description of the robber. Do not compare descriptions until the police have arrived and conducted the necessary interviews.

Ask witnesses to remain until the police arrive. If they insist on leaving, ask for their names and addresses to be contacted later if necessary

Contact anyone who may need to be notified. Emergency phone numbers should be accessible, and the policy for notification clearly established

Do not discuss the robbery with others until the police have given permission to do so.

Do not disclose how much money was lost to the robber unless absolutely necessary. Police can list the amount as an “undetermined amount of cash” for the time being. Disclosing that a certain amount of cash was stolen could lead other robbers to be attracted to the location again, or to other businesses in the chain.

Assist investigating officers however possible. Cooperate with police by being available for interviews, and do not be reluctant to identify suspect or give evidence in court when notified to do so.


The best advice is to take precautionary measures to prevent these dangerous events before they happen. Find out how a Rolland Cash Management Safe reduces the risk of armed robbery, or ask about armed robbery training classes offered by Tony Gallo. Call or email Meredith Clinton at 214.845.6824 or


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