Be Prepared – Secure Opening and Closing Procedures


Putting the safety of your employees first means putting procedures in place that promote security at your location. Train your staff on these opening and closing procedures to help ensure the safety of your location.

  • Have several employees present when opening and closing the business
  • Inspect for signs of forced entry before entering the building at opening
  • Have one employee search the premises beforehand. If everything appears to be fine, this employee can then signal the others with a prearranged signal.
  • Before closing, make sure that no one is hiding at the business
  • At close, have one employee enter the parking lot first. If all is safe, this employee can signal the others with a prearranged signal

For more security tips from security experts like Tony Gallo, please call 1.800.225.2984. Follow him on Twitter at @SapphireProtect.


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