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Take a look at the physical aspects of your location that may be inadvertently lessening the security of your staff. There are a few simple steps you can take to drastically increase security for your employees and customers. Take the time to consider these tips that are proven to increase security in facilities that at risk of armed robbery, or other potential threats.

  • Maintain a well-lit interior that is visible from the street. Make sure that signage, displays, or plants do not block the view of the service area from the street.
  • Physical barriers, such as bullet-resistant panels provide ideal protection for employees. Installing pass-through windows for customer transactions and limiting entry to non-staff also limits risk.
  • Make sure you are able to get out of your storage rooms. Sometimes robbers will lock employees or customers in storage rooms. If you are not able to open the room from the inside, hide a key inside of the room
  • Install mechanisms that allow employees to have a view of all of their surroundings. This may include convex mirrors, an elevated vantage point, and placement of the service center and cash register in an area that is visible to the outside of the establishment
  • Secure cashier operations. Install barriers that keep non-staff out of these areas
  • For the perimeter, be sure to use doors and gates with latches that automatically lock when closed
  • Set a time delay switch to automatically turn lights off at a set time after all employees have gone home.
  • Prominently display security cameras. Make sure this equipment is serviced regularly, and make sure to follow instructions for recording devices, so that you aren’t caught with a malfunctioning one
  • Use a locks that allow you to enable features such as dual key requirements, time lock, or time delay settings
  • Set a duress alarm on your safe lock. This will allow you to inconspicuously signal for help in case of any emergency
  • Avoid the use of rear and side doors. Windows and other points of entry should always be kept locked. Doors should have viewers, and doors used for deliveries should be locked when not in use
  • In addition to the interior, make sure the exterior of the facility is well-lit too. Adequate lighting makes the store less attractive to a potential robber, as the chances of being detected are more likely
  • Any shrubbery that a criminal could use to hide behind, should be cut back and maintained
  • Maintain a list of emergency contact numbers near the phone. Have witness description forms available nearby for employees and witnesses to use in the event of a robbery
  • Use an armored car service for cash delivery and pick-up, rather than handling this yourself.
  • In high-risk areas, you may even consider the use of off-duty police or uninformed guards at your location

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