Armed Robbery Awareness Training Program


Sapphire Protection has developed an “Armed Robbery Awareness Training Program” which is designed to improve the safety and security of your location. This four-part program will educate and train employees in effectively dealing with an armed robbery if one should occur. In addition, the program is designed to assist the store in getting back to normal business operations as quickly as possible in the event of an armed robbery.

Armed robbery is a terrifying risk for stores everywhere, and unfortunately many managers, employees, and even store owners are not trained on how to react if a serious situation like this arises.


The Armed Robbery Awareness Program consists of the following components:

1) Floor plan review of your location

2) Online video & quiz robbery awareness course

3) Post-robbery instruction folder

4) Post-robbery support after a robbery incident


Please contact Tony Gallo at 817.520.3315 or to learn more about how you or your employees can be trained on how to handle the critical situation of an armed robbery


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