“Apple Pickers”


When Apple released the original iPod, in 2001, it was launched with one of the most effective taglines in the history of product marketing.  While other companies boasted technical data specs and memory capabilities in their mp3 promotions, Apple kept it simple:

“1,000 songs in your pocket.” 

The successful development of Apple’s handheld music products led to the introduction of the iPhone and iPad, pushing competitors to release their own smart-phones and tablets.  With the rapid innovation of wireless products and consumer demand for the newest product on the market, a highly profitable industry has emerged with handheld trade-ins.

Another highly profitable industry has been rising exponentially in the recent years.  The Federal Communications Commission reported that of the robberies that took place in major U.S. cities in 2012, 40% involved cell phones.*  Multiple cell phones and tablets can be nabbed at once and sell for upwards of $500 a piece on the black market, giving these “apple pickers” their own tagline:

“1,000 dollars in my pocket.”

“Apple picking” started off as a juvenile crime fad of grabbing a cell phone right out of a victim’s hands and running.  More “sophisticated” criminals have developed this high margin theft into a swift, macro-operation.  Just this May a T-Mobile security camera in Florida caught a team in the act.**  Backing their vehicle up to the phone store, the operators popped the trunk and attached a hooked tow-rope to the front doors.  This video revealed how a growing string of organized criminals are able to pillage thousands of dollars worth in cell phones and tablets in minutes.

Dallas-based security company, Rolland, has a solution for businesses that need to protect these high dollar commodities.  The Tech Bunker was designed specifically for safe guarding these high-dollar devices, hoping to put an end to the growing rate of phone and technology thefts.

With an iPhone weighing in at less than 4 ounces and valued around $500, there is no reason these precious mobiles should not be protected like a bar of gold.



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