Another Unsuccessful Safe Attack


A successful burglary attempt at a pawn shop means losing the trust of your clients, which serve as the backbone of the pawn industry. It also means loosing thousands of dollars in cash and valuables, as well as important documents. Damage like this could take years to recover, or it could cause a Pawn Shop to fail entirely.

Last week, a Rolland Client’s Pawn shop was attacked in the night by burglars looking to break into the shop’s safe.

The burglars tried to beat the door in, cut a hole in the door, peel the door off, and attack the handle, all at no avail.

The burglars even cut the door hinges off, in hopes that this would let the door free. This yielded no success for the burglars, who were upset to find that Rolland truly does understand the criminal. Our safes offer bolts on multiple sides of the door, as well as a secure inner rim, both keeping the door in place in case of a hinge attack.

After several attempts at penetrating the safe door, the burglars eventually gave up and left the safe unopened.

Investing in security means investing in your business. We are proud to be a part of the team that keeps your business safe in the face of tragic events like this one.


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