Annual Attitude Award – Saile Estrada


Rolland is proud to present the winner of our most prestigious Attitude Award, given to one person each year. The award is given to the one person in the company who has exhibited the most positive attitude and commitment to their work over the year.

Congratulations to Saile Estrada!

Saile oversees multiple aspects of our brand. She is the Marketing manager, where she is working to develop our brand, including the creating of a new website, and has also taken the role of Rolland’s Vendor Manager, where she excels in taking special care of each and every one of our technicians. The growth of a company can sometimes mean that things get disorganized, including our relationships with some of our vendors, but Saile’s compassion and determination for our technicians has begun to ease the madness and rebuild those strong relationships that our company is built on.

Saile never stops. She can be found hard at work even after everyone else has left, and many times is still hard at work even after she has gone home. But the most surprising part is that she does it all with a smile, still taking the time to spread the love to those around her. Fixing something that has been broken for so long takes so much work and patience, along with a genuine compassion for part of our family, our technicians. Her efforts have created tremendous improvements, and it is obvious that we are well on our way to completely solving the issues that have accumulated over the past few years of growth.

We are so proud to have a passionate employee who genuinely cares about her work, and we can’t thank her enough for all of the effort she has put into this project by taking it as her own. All of her dedication to our vendors, as well as to the development of the Rolland Brand have earned her this year’s Best Attitude Award!


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