All About the New Website


Are you ready for a more intuitive website?

So are we.

With our clients different needs in mind, Rolland created a website whose sole mission is to inform, educate and help you find the answers you are looking for quickly and easily.



Here are a few cool things to look out for on the new site:

The FAQ’s Page

We’ve converted the Roland Troubleshooting page into an easy to understand FAQ’s page. This way, you can find answers to simple questions immediately, without having to make a phone call.


The Rolland Technician Portal

We love our tech’s! That’s why we created a portal for our technicians to find useful resources right on our page. If you’re a Rolland Technician, you will be receiving an email with your password for the technician content. If you didn’t get your password, please email


The Rolland Timeline

When we say “Centuries of Security”, we’re not kidding. Rolland has been around since 1905. That’s 111 years of a rich history that started 3 generations ago. That’s why we’re so happy to present you with a timeline that highlights some of the key moments from our past. Be sure to give it a look. We’ve come a long way from copying keys in a sandwich shop.


Case Studies & Testimonials

We can tell you how great Rolland is all day long, but now you can read about how real clients actually feel about us. Here’s a hint: They think we’re pretty great too.

Client testimonials can be found on our home page as well as on our service page. Our case studies can be found by category on our expertise page. Are you a Loss Prevention Director? Small Business Owner? Whoever you are, we’ve put together examples of how we’ve successfully helped others with similar needs and concerns for security. Be sure to give these a read.


We hope you love the new website as much as we do!


Written by: Krysten Demster

Date: 6/10/16


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