A Partner’s Guidebook


At Rolland we truly value our subcontractor partners. We know that without their hard work, long hours and dedication Rolland would not be where it is today.  Our subcontractor partners work long hours, after hour and the holidays through the snow and hot sun to service and move safes that can weigh up to a ton!    We are so thankful to our partners in the field every day carrying out the promises that we make to our clients.

The Partners Guidebook highlights the partnership between Rolland and our subcontractors.  This illustrates expectations from each other; how we can help your business grow and the benefits  of our partnership.

If you are already a partner of ours or are interested in becoming one, please take a moment to go over our guidebook. We would love your input.

Have any comments, suggestions or questions? Email it us them to sestrada@rslc.net or call 214-845-6710.


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