A lesson on Locks


How do you find the perfect safe lock? Its starts with knowing what each lock offers. Anyone can read a list of features, but it can be a little more difficult to fully understand what these features mean. Even worse, it can be hard to fully grasp the benefits that a particular lock offers. This lesson on locks explains a few vocabulary terms you should be looking for when deciding what lock is right for you:

Time Delay – This feature allows you to preprogram a period of delay between entering your code and when the safe opens. This protects against armed robbery.

Time Lock – This feature does not allow anyone to open the safe, not even with the code, outside of normal business hours.  This prevents burglary and internal theft.

Audit Capability – Locks with audit capabilities record who opens your safe and when.  This prevents internal fraud by increasing transparency and accountability.

Silent Alarm (Duress) – When the silent alarm feature is activated, entering a certain code signals a distress alarm in another location, protecting against armed robbery.

Multiple User Mode – This mode requires two different employee codes to be entered before accessing the safe. This deters employee theft and fraud by establishing visibility and accountability.

IP Connectivity – IP Connectivity gives you control of your safe from a remote location. It allows you to easily restrict access, disable features, or retrieve records from your safe no matter where you are.

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