9 Traits of the Successful Security Leader


Want to be a Successful Security Leader?

Loss Prevention Media (LPM) Insider released a great article last month on their online blog titled “The Nine Practices of the Successful Security/Loss Prevention Leader”.

The data comes from a series of in-depth interviews with 27 Tier 1 Security leaders where LPM was able to uncover similarities between leaders in the industry that contribute to their strong performance.

Their research shows that much of this success revolves around communication and understanding, as well as responsiveness to the needs of others.

While mainly aimed at the executive level, these practices can be used at all levels to build better relationships with coworkers internally. Increase the impact you make at each level of your organization!

  1. The creation of a robust internal awareness program for the security/loss prevention department, including formal marketing and communication initiatives.
  2. Ensuring that senior management is made aware of what security/loss prevention is and does.
  3. Walk-and-talk methodology—regularly talking to senior business leaders about their issues and how security/loss prevention can help.
  4. Conversing in business-risk terminology, not “security/loss prevention” terminology.
  5. Understanding the corporate culture and adapting to it.
  6. Winning respect by refusing to exploit fear, uncertainty, and doubt.
  7. Basing security/loss prevention program goals on the company’s business goals.
  8. Having top-level support from day one.
  9. Portraying security/loss prevention as a bridging facilitator or coordinator across all functions.

The full article explores each of these practices in depth, and help to develop a greater understanding of how you can implement these actions in your own role and use them to become a Successful Security Leader!

Think about which of these practices you can integrate into your current organization. This extent of insight collection is rare for the Loss Prevention Industry and is extremely valuable to your organization.


Read the full article on the LPM Insider Online Blog.


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