5 Things to Consider Doing to Secure your Business this Holiday Season


The weather outside may not be frightful quite yet, but it’s never too soon to start preparing your business for a metaphorical blizzard. Take these 5 tips into consideration to prepare yourself for new security measures that should be taken around the holiday season.


Not only do days get shorter over the next few months but time falls back an hour come daylight savings. Make sure to regularly check that none of your interior or exterior lights are out. Thieves do not want to be seen or detected so the brighter, the better. Another important thing to verify regarding your lights is that you have adjusted the daily timers according to the seasonal change in sunset and sunrise. Occasionally check to make sure they are turning on early enough to keep your exterior well lit at all times.

Seasonal Supplies-

As a public business, you are responsible for the safety and well-being of your patrons and employees to an extent. As it gets closer to snow and ice season, make sure you have plenty of supplies if the need arises such as salt for ice, shovels, mops, and signage. If the need does arise to utilize these, get started tending to weather issues early to prevent any slip and fall incidences from occurring at your business.

Seasonal Employees-

With the increase of business you are destined to do for the holiday season, temporary employees become a must. There are many ways to prevent problems from arising due to these new employees. The number one and must important step to take when hiring temporary staff is adequate training. Your new employees should thoroughly know and understand the policies and procedures. These should include cash handling procedures, emergency drills, theft policies, lost child policy, and any other important policies and procedures that relate to your business.

Monitor Parking Lot-

Make your employees aware to notate or report any suspicious activities they see occurring in the parking lot. This can be a car returning night after night but no one ever exiting the vehicle. A car parking and staying in the same spot for hours when a standard stay in that area is only around an hour. Make it known to that person that you see them and take note of a description of the vehicle, any people inside the vehicle, and the license plate.

Check your Camera Views-

Holiday cheer is helpful to uplifting the spirits of all of your customers but it can also impede the views of your cameras. Regularly check your camera views to ensure that your holiday decorations are not blocking any important views such as doors, windows, registers, and high priced valuables. If you change your decor from Halloween, to Thanksgiving, to Christmas, remember to check your cameras each time new decorations are put up.

Interested in additional holiday tips? Visit Sapphire Risk Advisory Group’s Fast Holiday Security Tips for Businesses regularly for weekly updated tips.


Written by: Heather Haney

Date: 10/10/16


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