5 Small Business Goals to Set for the New Year


With a new year comes new challenges for individuals and small business alike. Creating small business goals helps to be proactive and prevent many challenges from arising. By setting goals, you set a standard for yourself and your company. It allows you to draw an invisible finish line that you can work towards throughout the year.

The following 5 goals are a great start to setting up a solid plan for your new year.

  1. Improve your Online Presence

    It is vital for all brick and mortar companies to have an online presence. Company websites are crucial to help spread the word about a business by informing potential customers on important information about the company; including its history, hours, location, and more.

    For businesses that do not wish to use their site as an ecommerce, they can utilize their site in other ways such as listing special promotions and important news releases.

    Social media accounts are also a great tool for small business to post new products that arrive and interact with their customer’s on a personal level. They also can be used as a platform for important announcements and upcoming events.

    Actively updating your accounts will increase your business site’s rankings and will make it easier for new customers to find you.

  1. Secure your Assets

    Regardless of what efforts you make to improve your company, nothing will matter if you lose everything in a burglary or robbery. It is necessary to go over the security implements you have available for your company every year and evaluate if these tools are truly going to cut it in the event of an unfortunate incident.

    For companies that store any valuable products and cash it is crucial that you have a TL rated safe to drastically lessen the likelihood of a criminal penetrating your safe and making off with all of your goods.

    Your entrances and exits are also vulnerable points of attack and can be beefed up to increase the security of your location. This is important because delaying an attacker from entering your building will increase the likelihood of their being caught and preventing any losses.

  2. Develop your Employees

    Reinvesting in your employees is the most rewarding way of establishing a productive environment for your employees and getting them to invest back into your company. When you show your employees that they are valuable assets to your business it creates a workplace that they wouldn’t dream of leaving.

    “In 2012, Gallup reported that only 30% of employees in the U.S., and just 13% of employees outside of the U.S., feel engaged with their companies.” (Forbes) Creating a better work atmosphere has proven to increase employee productivity. For example, Workplace Research foundation stated that “increasing employee engagement investments by 10% can increase profits by $2,400 per employee per year.”

  1. Increase your Sales

    Easier said than done, right? With the proper marketing strategy and a valuable product any company can gradually increase their sales over time. The best way above any other to improve your sales is to ask, listen, then act.

    You need to engage with your customers and find out what it is they need and what experience they are looking for when they make that purchase. Once you find the answer to these questions, provide the solutions that your customer is looking for.

  1. Track Goal Progress Regularly

    In order to ensure you are staying on track with your goals it is important to check in on a regular basis. When you initially set your goals for the New Year’s, you need to create documents that you can use throughout the year to measure the progress you are making on each individual goal.

    Constantly checking on your progress allows you to notice when there are flaws in the current plan you are implementing. If you realize that something isn’t working, you need to make the necessary changes or adjustments to get you back on the right track to align yourself with your goals.



Written by: Heather Haney



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