5 QSR Security Tips


As a Quick Serve Restaurant, you are building your livelihood through delivering great service and tasty treats.  Much of this livelihood comes in the form of cash that will run through your business daily.  Securing and controlling cash is essential to protect your investment.

Rolland has over a hundred years of experience partnering with restaurant owners to protect their hard earned bucks.  Here are 5 security tips every quick serve restaurant should be following:

  • Skim your tills often. In the event of a threat, reducing cash in your register greatly lowers the risk.
  • Limit access to your safe. Hide your safe from customer or delivery view.   Also limit how many managers and employees know the combination to your safe.  A rule of thumb – less is better.
  • Close your safe. Although it is tempting to leave a safe open to save time, make a habit to close your safe every time.  Many restaurant thefts are easily preventable by simply keeping the safe closed.
  • Keep back door closed and locked with an alarm. This is not just to protect your safe or register, but also the food and other assets that could walk out your back door!
  • Periodically change combinations and keys. When an employee leaves that has access to your building or safe, make sure to rekey and change combinations.



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