5 Essential Security Tips for Your Hotel Facility


Insufficient security has consequences beyond guests losing belongings due to theft. Hotels can be held responsible for criminal incidents on the basis of inadequate security at the location. Civil litigation against property owners and managers has become common ever since Garzilli v. Howard Johnson, a court case where the jury ruled in favor of a hotel guest, who had sued a hotel in New York for negligent security after she was assaulted by a man who entered her room through a sliding glass door. To this day, hotels are still targets of lawsuits because of third party theft and injury.


Here are 5 steps you can take to update your facility to security standards

  1. Update Door HardwareLocks with audit capabilities can report who enters & leaves a room. This keeps honest employees honest. If your staff knows that there is an audit process on door security, it makes guest rooms and other rooms less prone to theft. Other upgrades include an IC Core keying system, which allows you to update your keying system regularly do to the savings offered by format of the system, only requiring one part of the door hardware to be changed, rather than the whole thing.
  2. Monitor Security Cameras with Technology – Having closed-circuit television to monitor the property doesn’t matter too much if no one is looking at the monitors. Recent technological advancements have developed a solution to the un-monitored security camera. With this new technology, security cameras can now send out alerts to management when they recognize activity in a monitored location. If this technology is out of the question, consider outsourcing camera monitoring to a party who can provide voice command to ward off people captured on the security camera.
  3. Monitor Sensitive Employee Activities – Make sure you have surveillance equipment installed to monitor sensitive areas, including the front desk and cash drawer. Software advancements have provided more accurate surveillance by allowing hotel owners to match transactions to video surveillance, making it unnecessary to review hours of footage to sniff out possible criminal activity. This new technology can detect when a cash drawer is left open, and will confirm that items passed over a scanner are actually scanned and rung up. It is not unreasonable to integrate this new technology, as a system like this could be installed for under $10,000. If you’re buying a new video system, it is possible that this technology can be easily added. Just make sure to ask for it!
  4. Assess and Adaptconduct regular reviews of the property and ensure areas, such as stairwells, are clean, safe, and well lit. Focus on safety – if an accident or a crime has happened somewhere, immediately evaluate the location and adapt it to necessary security standards to prevent another incident from happening.
  5. The Proper Safe – Much of hotel theft can be avoided by ensuring that you have the correct safe appropriate to your needs. For example, you may need a safe with a lock that offers audit capabilities, allowing you to review who has accessed the safe and when. You may need a cash management safe that accepts, counts and stores money while checking for counterfeits and providing reports of who has deposited cash into the safe, how much, and when. In high-risk areas, you may need a high-security safe that is meant to stand up to attempts to crack the safe open. Make sure you have the appropriate safe for your hotel’s needs.

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