‘Tis the Season for Holiday Security


‘Tis the season to check up on your holiday security procedures!

This holiday season, be sure to contribute a little extra attention to communicating and training with your employees. The festivities of the season mean higher traffic in the store, which means your employees are more likely to be distracted, making it easier for shoplifting, or other harmful events to occur. Getting too caught up in the business of the holidays can also mean that managers can slack on training employees on how to handle an armed robbery or other emergency.

Here are three important Holiday Security topics to discuss and train with your employees that will help save you from holiday shrinkage.

  1. Train your employees to run the store in such a way that discourages shoplifting. A few simple tips and tricks can be followed to help keep honest people honest. This even presents an opportunity for your employees to fine-tune their customer service skills. Click here for more details on Anti-Shoplifting Customer Service techniques.
  2. Discuss expectations with your employees, make it known that internal theft will not be tolerated. And be sure to keep an eye on the books this season to back it up. It’s better to discover internal theft early, but it’s even better to prevent it from happening in the first place. Click here for more details on Preventing Internal Theft.
  3. Train your employees on how to handle an armed robbery or other emergency. The holiday season means you’ve probably beefed up your staff to handle the rush. This means you’ve got a lot of new employees that are unfamiliar with your company procedures on how to handle an emergency situation should one occur. Proper training is key to keep you, your employees, and your customers safe. Click here for more details on Emergency Training.


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