10 Signs You are About to Experience an Armed Robbery and What to Do


Being in an armed robbery is a horrific experience for anyone but if it does ever happen to you it is important to know how to recognize the signs and what to do to prevent as much loss and injury as possible.

The Signs of an Armed Robbery

  1. Person enters on cell phone.  Possibly in a group.
  2. Inappropriately wearing sunglasses inside.
  3. Inappropriate wearing of a hat or hood.
  4. Inappropriate dress. (ex: big coat in the summer)
  5. Large group enters at once (non-family).
  6. Carrying large bulky items.  Used to distract.
  7. Asking unusual questions. (“When does the store close?”)
  8. Hand signals to individuals inside or outside of store.
  9. Going out of their way to not touch anything.
  10.  Ignores you when you try to greet them.

What should you do?

  1. Pow-wow each morning with employees with security plans and measures.
  2. Decide on an “alert phrase” to be used in business hours.
  3. When “alert phrase” is warranted, what happens? (one employee immediately on phone)
  4. If “alert phrase” is given, all employees attention on suspected person.
  5. Offer suspected customer a sales flyer.
  6. Meet and greet every customer.
  7. Relocate all cameras to facial recognition level.


  1. Cooperate
  2. Give up the money
  3. Obey the robber’s commands
  4. Keep your hands in sight
  5. Do not attempt small talk
  6. Keep him informed of anything that may happen
  7. Take a mental checklist of what the robber looks like, what they touch, and any details about their means of transportation
  8. Do not chase them

If you still have concerns or would like to contact a high-risk business security specialist you can reach our associate Tony Gallo over at Sapphire Risk advisory group by email at tgallo@sapphirerisk.com or by phone at 214-845-6838.

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Written by: Heather Haney



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